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February 2, 2010

In case you haven’t noticed, which you probably haven’t because my daily hits have been awkwardly similar to the number of times I visit the site, I haven’t blogged in nearly two weeks!  Not super exciting considering that my last break from blogging was about, say 5 years.  But anywho, I haven’t posted many recipes, pictures, stories about culinary failures in a while.

Rest assured that does not mean I haven’t been cooking and baking.  Some of my adventures: chocolate brownie cookies (ice cream sandwich parts) and mushroom bourguignon.  Oh, hi, can we talk about how delicious both of those were?  In less than a week I made the cookies twice and I got rave … rave, go back and get seconds and want more … reviews for the mushroom bourguignon.  It was probably the yummiest thing I’ve ever made in this lifetime.   Because people always make such a big freakin’ deal out of beef bourguignon, I figured this too would be an incredible challenging, inevitably easy-for-me-to-mess-up recipe.  I followed the linked-to recipe EXACTLY and it was totally delicious and easy as … I’m not sure how PG-rated I’m going to keep this, so we’ll just say “very easy.”  I will try BEEF bourguignon, with bloody, red, American meat, as soon as I can get a hold of the appropriate, local, pasture-raised cut :).

As far as the chocolate brownie cookies.  Super yummy.  Did not follow the recipe exactly!  Only made half (twice, which means I should have made a whole batch the first time, but with my luck they would have been horrible and then I would have had a ton of disguising crumbly, flour tasting brown cookies) and I made another adjustment, but I will not reveal just what, because then you’ll steal my recipe (which I guess I technically stole from this lady) and when I open my own bakery in 5 (billion) years you’ll know my secret, print numerous copies of the recipe, distribute it to my faithful patrons, and they will no longer be so faithful.   Or at least that’s where this whole thing goes in my head.  I’m sure YOU’LL be fine baking them right off this recipe.  But mine are better, so ask for some next time you see me.

Also, if any of my readers (Mom) wants to know what to send me for upcoming holidays/birthdays … cookie cutters.  Preferably simple shapes, definitely like this (open back) and not this.   And definitely not like this.

I guess it’s not PG anymore.  And I hope Nana never finds out about blogs.

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